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From NMH NICU Graduate to Pre-School Graduate & other stories

Many parents, especially mums, have told us that the friendships they formed while their babies were in NICU are now friends for life. One such group, comprising of eight families met us on a beautiful summer’s day in Merrion park with their NMH NICU graduates to share their experience with us. Many of their stories can be found below with more to follow. Their NICU Warriors had just graduated from pre-school and started ‘Big’ school. Their best advice –  “Talk to other parents while you are in the unit, ask them questions and support each other. If the NICU journey teaches you one thing, it’s patience, keep breathing through it.” 

“The support from the other mums In NICU was incredible. In our group, there was five of us and we are still all in touch and meet up every month with our little ones. The friends I made at The National Maternity Hospital, I know are friends for life, we go through so much together and understand each other so well. Now we can laugh and joke about some things we went through, which we couldn’t have during those very difficult days.

Jan Keating

Meet some of our NMH NICU Graduates