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Immunisation schedule for babies

Your baby’s immunisation schedule

Immunisation is important for all babies. It is a very safe and effective way to protect your baby against certain diseases. Some of these illnesses are even more dangerous for babies who were in the NICU so it is very important that your baby gets their vaccinations when they are supposed to. 

Preterm babies get their vaccines based on their chronological age (not their corrected age) – so even if your baby was born twelve weeks early at 28 weeks they would get their vaccines at 36 weeks gestation (because that is when they would be two months old).

Vaccines can be given when your baby is in the neonatal unit if your baby is a patient when their vaccines are due. 

Immunisation continues into early childhood. Please ensure that your child receives all their immunisations by consulting with their public health nurse (PHN), general practitioner (GP) or school.

Your baby will be provided with an Immunisation Passport to keep a record of their immunisations. For further information, see

Did You Know?

Vaccines are even more important for babies who were preterm or in the NICU as babies who were preterm or in the NICU are at higher risk of becoming unwell with illnesses that are preventable with vaccines.