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In the NICU - Feeding


Your baby’s feeding and growth will be closely monitored. The neonatal unit team monitor your baby’s growth by measuring their weight, length and head circumference at regular intervals. These measurements are tracked by plotting them on a growth chart. For babies born preterm, they are plotted using their corrected age.

Your baby may also have blood tests and other assessments.

It is helpful to look at measurements over time in order to see how your baby is progressing overall rather than at a single point in time.

Try not to compare your baby to others. Every baby is different and there are different factors that can affect their growth.

If there is a concern about your baby’s growth or feeding, adjustments can be made to their feeding plan.

Your baby may be referred to a dietitian, a lactation or breastfeeding specialist or a speech and language therapist to provide specialist guidance.

Baby having length measured while in an incubator