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James’s Story

James Adam arrived into the world on the 23rd February 2016 at 31 weeks, weighing in at a beautiful 3lb 6oz  by emergency c-section. I was admitted to The NMH on the 12th January with preeclampsia that turned to HELLP, and cholestasis of pregnancy. I got the swine flu and as result James had to be born.

James was intubated for four days before being put on CPAP for weeks, then high flow. He was born with severe jaundice. On day one, he received his first of four blood transfusions.

James was diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome, which is a genetic disorder resulting in a malformation of his ear and slight differences in facial features. James’ main medical challenge was hypoglycaemia (low sugars). He was continually NG fed 24 hours a day for his entire hospital stay and was transferred to bottles before his discharge.

“114 days after birth, James came home for the first time on the 16th June. After every low comes a high. It’s a battle but our little warriors fight harder to overcome.

James is now a 5 year old fun loving, happy, healthy little boy meeting all his milestones ‘when he wants’. He has the biggest, brightest personality and Ciaran and I couldn’t be prouder. We couldn’t have done our journey home without the support of doctors, nurses, care staff and family. “

I actually felt so blessed to have a NEW baby for so much longer, the baby stage passes so quickly! I enjoyed it all as best I could and never wished time away. If the journey teaches you only one thing, that is PATIENCE.