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Going Home - Your Baby's Development

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve precise use of the hands and fingers, e.g. pointing, drawing, using a spoon to feed, writing, stringing beads, doing up shoelaces.

Suggestions to encourage your baby’s fine motor development

  • Drawing activities using crayons for scribbling.
  • Building blocks for creative building.
  • Hammering activities using hammer and peg toys for coordination.
  • Pop-up toys, stacking toys, nesting pots.
  • Opportunities for opening, closing lids on bottles.
  • Playing with construction toys, e.g. Duplo/Lego.
  • Encourage play-dough activities; rolling dough into big balls using palms of hands, into small balls using only the fingertips, or making things, e.g. snake, people, snail and house.
  • Give your child a large plastic tweezers to lift small objects into a container, e.g. peas, cereal.
  • Show your child how to lace pasta/cheerios onto a shoelace.
  • Create sorting activities, e.g. sorting coloured pegs, buttons or Lego into different containers.
  • Encourage pouring and filling activities, e.g. water and sand play.
  • Provide balloons and balls for catching, kicking, throwing and hitting.

Did You Know?

Supervise your child at all times and take particular care when they are handling small objects.